Palmetto Infusion

I started at Palmetto Infusion in June 2021 as their new Marketing Coordinator before being promoted to Senior Marketing Coordinator in 2022. Since joining the leading provider in ambulatory infusion therapy, I have helped elevate the brand’s recognition and achieve marketing goals.

In my first year at the company alone, I created high-performing organic social media content which resulted in an increase of 631% year-over-year in page reach on Facebook for 2021 and 983% YoY on LinkedIn.

Since then, I have continued to maintain a strong online presence for the company, while also performing these key job duties:

  1. Public Relations and Media Outreach
  2. Internal Marketing Campaigns
  3. External Marketing and PR Campaigns
  4. Collateral and Graphic Design
  5. Social Media Strategy
  6. Website Management
  7. Reporting and Analysis
  8. Event Coordination and Advertising Development

To see additional social media examples, check out my Short-Form Video project.

Social media content examples